About Us

Vecino Homes began when my wife and I bought a 1940’s fixer-upper in Houston’s Historic East End. We moved in after a few months and lived in the garage apartment while we finished renovating the main house. We both worked full-time jobs during the day and worked on the house at night. It took us 1 year to complete the renovations on the house and finally move into the main house. We learned a lot in the process and we realized how much we wanted to help make others’ dreams of homeownership come true.

Vecino means “neighbor” in Spanish, and our mission is to build quality homes at an affordable price for our Vecinos. Vecino Homes is a small real estate development company local to Houston that truly cares about each individual home and each individual home buyer. We want all our home buyers throughout Houston to feel like they belong to a warm, welcoming, and loving community and to know their home will stand the test of time. 

We found a lot of older homes in Houston’s East End that needed some love. We enjoy improving our Houston neighborhoods by taking run-down homes and revitalizing them so we can bring out the hidden beauty in them. Much like how we give new life to the houses we design, we want to help fellow Houstonians in our community embark on their new lives within these homes.

Unlike your typical Houston home builder or spec home builder, we don’t try to upsell anyone, and each of our new construction communities is unique. Each individual home or small community we build is thoughtfully crafted for that particular neighborhood and what we envision the future home buyer will desire. We also ensure our homes are of the highest quality by going the extra mile and thoughtfully including many “upgrades” you would otherwise have to purchase through home builders. Such upgrades could be delicately crafted window trims, modern in-ceiling speakers, bedrooms with ceiling fans, hard-wired television and internet, hard-wired alarms, and even full appliance packages. By incorporating designer-selected finishes, we ensure that home buyers obtain the best possible value for their property and can see themselves growing into their new home.

 By working with different architects, we ensure our homes cater to the neighborhoods in which they are located and can fulfill the needs of customers that aren’t currently being serviced in the area. We have often seen modern/contemporary homes that are built right next to very traditional style homes, which disturbs the layout of the community. In order to avoid this, we carefully place our houses so our Houston communities can look seamless, welcoming, and beautiful.